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4.Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

You can also practice mindfulness in a more traditional sense, with grounding body scans. 

placing any thoughts you’re having on the back burner and focusing on your body. “Close your eyes and try to feel your heartbeat from the inside, clasp your hands and squeeze them tight or put both feet on the floor and try to feel each point of contact,


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Get Out Of Your Head

Get Out Of Your Head

Focusing too much on your own thoughts can leave you stressed and keep you from engaging. Try to let those distractions go when you're talking with someone so the person feels important and validated.

9. Get Out Of Your Head

Next time you’re having a conversation, see if you catch yourself thinking about what you’re going to say next rather than focusing on what the other person is saying. You may be surprised how often it happens.

Generally, being aware of this tendency is enough to improve it. But if you’re s...

Meditation: Early steps

Meditation: Early steps

A simple meditation practice should be like this:

  1. Sit comfortably. Your back should neither be so straight, nor it should lounge. Just get a nutral position.
  2. Calm down your legs first. Remove any tension within them.
  3. Calm down y...

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