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Happiness And Unhappiness Operate Independently

Happiness And Unhappiness Operate Independently

  • The research also suggested that happiness and unhappiness were thus not, as logic dictated, opposite or inverse emotions; rather, the two appeared to operate independently.
  • Ridding oneself of some unhappiness in life therefore did not mean that one would become any happier, a counterintuitive notion that threw a monkey wrench into much of the out-with-the-bad, in-with-the-good brand of self-help being cast about at the time.
  • The good news was that, at least according to this research, happiness was not genetically preordained, and could thus be achieved by those who were determined to find it.


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It is interesting how experts viewed happiness. Reading this article on the psychology of happiness gives me a different light on what happiness 'is' and 'could be'.

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