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If this is something that has your interest, there are resources out there on YouTube and free-floating on the web that are likely a much better teacher on the subject than I am. I am simply here to relay the knowledge passed to me for allow others to make the same connections I have


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It has been said that writing something down solves more than half of the problem. It has also been said that taking notes improves overall knowledge retention. I take notes on every idea I read on DeepStash. Here is how I do it.

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Cut out temptations

If you’re a chronic procrastinator and simply can’t resist the temptations of things like Facebook and Youtube, it might be time to cut out temptations.

There are tools such as Rescue Time, SelfControl

Factors to consider when deciding whether to do "free work"

Factors to consider when deciding whether to do "free work"

  • Do they pay other people that do the same type of work you do? What about their competitors?
  • Will I learn "enough" from this interaction that I can just call this a part of my education?
  • Is it public work with my name on it or am I just saving them cash to do something tha...

Methods for learning a language

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to language learning.

Available language methods:

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