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Productivity depends on you, not on the tools you use. To increase productivity, planning is important. Identify each aspect of your work or personal life and try to optimize it by making small changes. Use Taylor's Universal Productivity Paradigm & BOOT Principle to increase your productivity.


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A daydreamer who's really into psychology, philosophy & novels.

I tried to summarize a 30 minute article on Taylor, Ford & The Productivity Experiment on medium in 10 minutes. I found the article very fascinating, so why not post it on Deepstash?

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How to get back to being productive?

  1. Do What You Love
  2. What Is Your Purpose?
  3. Identify Your Tools
  4. Remember Your Background
  5. Use Small Slots
  6. Get More Stuff
  7. Plan For Stress
  8. Find Your Priorities
  9. Work On One Project
  10. Bring It All To Work
  11. Take Advantage Of T...

Weekly Reviews

Weekly Reviews

It is important to measure your progress, reviewing every aspect of planning and execution.
Track your time and progress with a good app on your smartphone.  Minimize distracted and zero-productivity time.

Look to others

To help you calculate productivity and increase it, find some models of what productivity means and doesn't mean to you personally.

If you desire to increase your productivity at work, model your work after a colleague known for their productivity. Ask them if they're using any tools an...

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