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6 Lessons From Jane Austen - On Love, Life And Writing | Writers Write

6 Lessons From Jane Austen - On Love, Life And Writing | Writers Write

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The lesson learned from 'Sense and Sensibility'

Now this is one novel everybody must have heard about at least once in their lives. 'Sense and sensibility' has a strong message for us all to bear in our mind: true love takes time. Knowing somebody, understanding that person, making sure it is the right person for you: all these take time. But, eventually, it is all worth it.

The lesson learned from 'Pride and Prejudice'

One of the best novels of all time, 'Pride and Prejudice' has a great lesson to teach us all: learn from your mistakes. Just as the characters admit their mistakes and act accordingly, one should always consider the things done wrongly and try to correct them before it is too late.

The lesson learned from the novel 'Emma'

Most of us have already heard about Jane Austen: she is a novel writer, whose masterpieces have proven timeless throughout centuries. When reading her novel 'Emma', one will certainly discover that the lesson to be learned is that, in life, the smallest things make the biggest differences.

The take-away from 'Persuasion'

The novel 'Persuasion' emphasizes something learned by almost all of us by a very early age: it is always better to trust your own gut than to blindly follow somebody else's advice. While hard to believe sometimes, friendships do not always turn out reliable and, sometimes, only we can decide what is the best action for ourselves.

The take-away from 'Mansfield Park'

Austen's novel, 'Mansfield Park' comes to add up evidence to the fact that money is not everything in life. While chasing after it, in the hope that this will make us happy, we might end up losing sight of what truly matters and, therefore, feeling miserable.

The take-away from 'Northanger Abbey'

This incredible novel teaches us one important lesson worth being remembered throughout our lives: be curious. You must be curious and open to change, as only in this way you can succeed to grow.

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