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Ripple Effect Continued

Ripple Effect Continued

  • As he gets discouraging feedback from his boss, his energy level is way down, his commute seems longer and more stressful than ever. All this makes him reach for more comfort food (stress has a way of doing that).
  • So, he is now less likely to walk with his wife, like he used to. She misses their time together.
  • Now with fewer shared activities with his wife and an absence of fresh air and exercise, Brad is not getting the endorphin release, that can make him feel upbeat and enthusiastic.
  • Because he is not happy, he starts finding fault with himself & others, stop complimenting his wife like before


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Just another homo-sapien

I found that Compounding is vital across various aspects of life i.e. finance, education, health, skills, productivity, personal development, emotional well-being and relationships. In essence, compounding serves as a foundational principle that magnifies progress, allowing gradual, sustained efforts to yield remarkable results across diverse life domains.

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Top business lessons to take away

Top business lessons to take away

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  • Sell Yourself. Belfort acted powerful and wore fancy suits, and people saw him as confident and successful. 
  • Find A Specialty.
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