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Silence Makes a Person More Powerful

Silence Makes a Person More Powerful

A person who controls their speech wields great power. Observing before acting, and speaking only when necessary, demonstrates confidence and masculinity.


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Sometimes being silent is better than making noise. Use your words carefully and speak only when it's necessary.

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Keep only the essential

Keep only the essential

Speaking to an audience is like feeding apple sauce to a two-year old. The more you spoon out, the more ends up on the floor. Include on the slides and in your spoken text only the information necessary to support your points. Cut everything else. You’ve finished writing your speech when t...

The Self Server

While hard sellers will network with anyone willing to listen to them talk about their favourite subject (themselves), self-servers are only willing to network with those who they believe can help advance their careers. Once they target someone, they may also prove to be hard sellers.

The Brain Signal For Inner Stimuli

Our internal speech is regulated by a brain signal called the corollary discharge. When we speak, an internal copy of our voice is generated simultaneously, so we can hear ourselves speaking(in our mind)even before we speak.

It is a fascinating insight for both kinds of people:

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