2. Focus On Teaching Not Leading - Deepstash
2. Focus On Teaching Not Leading

2. Focus On Teaching Not Leading

This will vary from place to place, but I make sure to relay intent behind an order to all levels of the work force before we begin a task. If I ask for something to be done without a reason, it will be done as I asked verbatim. But if I say we need to do (x) for the purpose of (y), all of a sudden the whole task changes and it is done more in a more efficient way for the end goal.

This can also give menial tasks meaning where as before it just seemed like a task to fill time.

Another benefit to this is that it allows individuals to grow as leaders and lets them find better ways to do things.


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The excuse "that is how we have always done it" usually means that either they knew they were wrong and didn't care, or that they were too lazy to find a better way.

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