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The Security Blanket Paradox

The Security Blanket Paradox

You're setting in a cafe or a train, maybe an airplane, and you're surrounded by people people who are minding their own business as you are, suddenly, an alarm breaks out or someone shouts out to announce a potential threat, unless you are free to run away and leave it behind. you will be most probably seeking shelter and that's that, but... Have you ever thought of the reason for this, i mean no one of ciurse wants to get hurt or injured, but why?

Well, We do we often think of shelter whenever an idea of a potential threat arises, and that what Russell called, the paradox of security blanket.


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It's harder to ask the right question than to answer a hard one

While we would wish to get back to hiding under our blankets when young, reality subjects that challenges all around us are to be confronted

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