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<p>Having Motivation is great ...

Having Motivation is great and all. It’s an external source of energy will and makes you love easy. But what if your motivation was being taken away without you even knowing. Like you just start off the psyched ready to get out there and shine and suddenly that excitement just disappear leaving you all drain and uncreative. You feel so low that you just don’t want to work at all. Wouldn’t you want to fix that leak and prevent it from affecting you? So here I will highlight the 5 motivation killer that is dragging you down:


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The Hack Technique

First pick your goals, then figure out which motivation hacks to use on the subtasks that lead to those goals—and then use far more of them than you need, so that you not only succeed, but that you do so with excitement and joy.

The Formula: Motivation = (Expectancy x Valu...


Stoics believed that your health and your money can be taken away from you at any time – but no one can take your character from you. So you need to nurture it.
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Applying the If/Then Tactic

When we start applying the If/Then tactic to our personal lives or even while working we can prevent succumbing to stress and easily think of responses towards different situations.

Envision yourself in different scenarios that you can think of and jot down the plans or actions to be t...

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