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Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication

Most of our communication is nonverbal through gestures and facial expressions. Understanding nonverbal behaviour comes with lots of benefits:

  • Understanding emotions and feelings of other people. Hence, you can improve your relationships.
  • Detecting lies and understanding someone's true intentions. With that, you can protect yourself better from harmful situations.
  • Using body language for your own advantage so that you can appear a certain way and come off as more confident etc.


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Psychology student with a passion for learning and developing as a person.

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro explains various nonverbal behaviours as well as why and how to analyse them. I highly recommend reading the entire book.

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"Unlocking the Power of Nonverbal Communication"

"Unlocking the Power of Nonverbal Communication"

"The Silent Language" by Edward T. Hall is a classic book that explores the nonverbal aspects of communication and how they shape our interactions with others:

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Body Language

Is the unspoken element of communication that we use to reveal our true feelings and emotions - gestures, facial expressions and posture.

When we are able to "read" these signs, we can use it to our advantage. 

Communication is more than just words

It also includes body language:

  • 55 percent of what you convey comes from your body language.
  • 38 percent comes from your tone of voice.
  • Only 7 percent is from the words you choose.

You don't want to argue over the phone or email as they are stripped of ...

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