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5 Ways To Get Your Things Done

5 Ways To Get Your Things Done

Have you ever wanted to get something done but you can’t seem to finish? Maybe you just have a lack of motivation, or maybe distractions are getting the better of you.

I often find it difficult to motivate myself enough to do things that I’m supposed to do. So, I tried a bunch of different things to make myself more productive and finally, found several things that worked for me so I want to share them with you today.

Here are my 5 tips for getting things done even when you don’t feel motivated to do something.


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Daily Routine 5 - Strategic

Plan your work

we most productive in little time frames, this covers also learning. Dont multitask, if you excluded all unnecessary distractions, you can enter the highly effective flow state. motivate yourself when imagining why you do something. Theres no reason to ...

How to get work done today

  • Create checklists by imagining the best way to complete your task in detail.
  • The 2-minute rule. Take enough 2-minute tasks to create momentum. Start with anything, but end with tasks related to your intended work.
  • The hour non-nego...

How to Get Motivated

Develop a Routine. Create a series of events that you always perform before doing a specific task.

  • Step 1: Start by doing something so easy that you can't say no to it. Your pre–game routine tells your mind, “This is what happens before I do ___.
    ”For example, In my...

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