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Make a daily to-do list

Make a daily to-do list

The next thing you should do if you haven’t done this yet is you should write down all the tasks or work that you need to do or you want to do that day. You can either use Notion or another To-do app or just a piece of paper. 

But create a list of realistic tasks to tackle every day. Keep it simple. Try to create micro-tasks, they will not only help you get more done day to day basis, but they’ll also help you reach your bigger goals too.


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Make a Daily “To-Do” List

It’s always helpful to have a to-do list at your computer or in an accessible app.

Tick tasks off once you've completed them to provide a sense of accomplishment.

The Not-to-do List

A list of tasks you simply don't do: You delete them, delegate them, outsource them or simply say no when they try to find their way on your to-do list:

  • Things you want to say no
  • Distractions from being productive
  • Regular tasks you can delete, de...

A Specific Daily To-Do List

A Specific Daily To-Do List

  • You should only put things on a to-do list that you have the time and resources to achieve
  • Big goals and projects should be broken down into actionable tasks.
  • It helps to match the action with your productivity levels.
  • ...

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