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Children also often think of great ideas. They don't have as many limits on their imagination as we do yet.

As we get older, our creativity decreases in certain aspects because we know the reality of how things are "supposed to" work and are used to them. But what if we left that behind? What if we actually started breaking down those limits that were set by our environment?


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Thinking about subjects such as science, self-improvement and learning about people and their habits are some of my favorite things to do :)

It's quite sad that so many things that have been thought of — so many ideas — have never been written down.

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How Social Environments Influence Creativity

How Social Environments Influence Creativity

As we grow older, we take cues from our environment and become serious and rigid, conforming to the norms and rules imposed upon us.

Our social environment, especially our workplace can affect our creativity, as we lose our freedom and playfulness, not able to conjure up n...

Parallel Worlds Of Imagination

  • Shared imagination lets us deepen our relationships and can lead to world-changing inventions.
  • Imagination helps build our ‘lived’ time, as we build a lifeworld which is different from what our actual reality is.
  • Many people build comprehensive parallel worlds

Ask Active, Open Questions

Creativity and Imagination involve going beyond the obvious ‘passive’ questioning, and finding fresh ideas and approaches, that as a matter of fact start with the right questions, like:

  • What needs or products are going to be in demand?
  • What customer needs exist for...

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