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Debt will find you

Debt will find you

This is a very important lesson from the finance world. Early in my career, I was under the impression that if I had a tighter deadline, I could just work for more hours in the weeks before the milestone and make it and then continue as normal after the deadline. When I was in my startup days we had this huge launch event where there would have been a lot of press for the unveiling of the product. All that sleep deprivation and stress took its toll. But if you look at the outcome it was worth it. Not all debt is bad and you should leverage it, but you need to be fully aware of the impact.


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I think therefore I am.

Throughout his (Daniel Rizea) journey of rapid growth, I learned many valuable lessons. Some were taught by mentors, while others were found in books — but the majority of my knowledge came from learning from mistakes.

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