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Benefit#4: Positive Decision-making

Every decision made based on careful interpretation of the Bible aligns with God's will. Meditating on His word helps us make wise and positive choices.


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Self Leadership and Development Enthusiast. Passionately learning and documenting how a life in Christ radically transforms ANYONE into leadership material.

Meditating on God's word is a worthwhile investment of our time and effort. Spend some time practicing it.

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Implications of emotional decision-making

  • For marketers: Drawing out a decision based on feelings could encourage a stronger allegiance among consumers. This could be achieved through subtle tactics like visuals instead of words, or colors instead of gray-scale.

  • For consumers...

Making Priority

Eisenhower made one of the best decision in history during World War 2. In large part, it was due to his ability to prioritize.

He introduced the famous Eisenhower matrix, a 2x2 matrix which can help us to prioritize our tasks based on urgency and importance.

We should spend most of ...

The part our bodies play in decision-making

If we’re feeling hunger, thirst or sexual desire, that can actually spill over into the decision areas of our brains, making us feel more desire for big rewards when we make choices. 

This can lead us to make higher-risk choices and to want for more.

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