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1- Value Investing:

1- Value Investing:

 The book introduces the concept of value investing, emphasizing the importance of purchasing stocks at prices significantly below their intrinsic value. Graham's approach focuses on long-term growth and safety rather than short-term market fluctuations.


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In essence, the ideas from "The Intelligent Investor" offer a holistic framework for making well-informed, rational decisions, managing risk, and pursuing long-term growth. These principles extend beyond the realm of investing and are valuable tools for navigating life's challenges and opportunities with prudence and intelligence.

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Margin of Safety

Margin of Safety

This is a principle of investing wherein an investor purchases securities only when their market price is significantly below their intrinsic value.

The formula to determine the intrinsic value of something is:

Margin of Safety = Market Cap / Deep Value Barg...

Warren Buffet's Investing Philosophy

Warren Buffet's Investing Philosophy

  1. Buffett takes this value investing approach to another level.
  2. Many value investors do not support the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) . This theory suggests that stocks always trade at their fair val...

Passive Investing

Passive Investing

  • To ensure the highest margin of safety, choose an investment that gives consistent returns.
  • The most conservative investor will avoid short-term market volatility by investing in assets over the

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