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6. Self-Serving Bias:

6. Self-Serving Bias:

People attribute their successes to internal factors but attribute their failures to external factors. For instance, if you succeed in a project, you might credit your skills, but if you fail, you blame a lack of resources.


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These cognitive biases and mind traps influence decision-making, perception, and behavior in various aspects of our lives. Recognizing them can help us make more rational and informed choices.

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Self-serving Bias

It causes you to claim your successes and ignore your failures. 

This means that when something good happens, you take the credit, but when something bad happens, you blame it on external factors.

Self-serving bias may manifest at work when you receive critical feedback....

The self-serving bias

It encourages you to claim your successes and to deflect your failures.

When something good happens, you take the credit, but when something bad happens, you blame it on something out of your control.

7. Fundamental Attribution Error:

7. Fundamental Attribution Error:

We tend to attribute others' actions to their character while attributing our actions to external factors. If someone cuts you off in traffic, you might think they're a bad person, but if you do it, you might blame stress or distractions.

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