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3. Courage and bravery:

3. Courage and bravery:

This value involves being willing to face challenges and stand up for what is right, even in the face of fear or adversity.

To implement this value, try to face your fears and take on challenges that push you out of your comfort zone.


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All these ideas brings the change in everyone life if we want to be masculine person.

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The Right Kind Of Praise

Effective praise can be given using these three methods:

  1. Defining your intention and providing praise. This involves being mindful of the consequences of your words.
  2. Instead of plain flattery, try to encourage them to move forward and take up further challenges. This also en...

Learn courage through practice

  • Create plots: imagine both the worst that could happen if you take a certain action and what the outcome would be if you didn’t act.
  • Recognize the negativity bias: we are prone to attend more to negative than to positive outcomes.
  • ...

Do What You Fear

Fear to take action can hamper your productivity and pure courage is required to:

  • Understand your fear
  • Face your fear by taking action.

Confront your fear and do what terrifies you, stepping out of the comfort zone, eventually leading a different life a...

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