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▪︎ Over time, you notice that your skills are improving, and you gain more confidence. You start getting positive feedback from your audience and even land a few small gigs. Eventually, you release your own music, and it start gaining recognition.

▪︎ In real life situation, changing the mindset from negative, self-limiting one to a positive, growth-oriented one has a significant impact. 

▪︎ You have transformed from someone who doubted their musical abilities into a thriving musician. What you thought ("I can improve and succeed") became a reality.


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MEDICAL STUDENT! 🩺🇮🇳 On a journey of improving myself Two steps forward, one step back, and a lot of laughter.

Because it can transform our perspective, boost resilience, and open up new opportunities for personal growth and success.

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Enjoy the process

While working your way out to your big goal, remember to enjoy the journey by learning as much as you can from it: notice and appreciate small moments, as these are the ones eventually leading to success.

Take one step at a time and enjoy your life, as you are given only one.

Life at the Frontier

Those that are far from the frontier can focus on improving each element. You can improve by reorganizing your work to get more done.

But once you are on the productive frontier, things are different. Improvement comes from making hard choices about trade-offs.

Self-defeating self-talk

Most people have an inner critic that judges them, doubts them, belittles them, and always telling them they are not good enough.

You are able to stop beating yourself up.

  • Start paying attention to your thoughts. It will help you notice when your inner...

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