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Main Steps

The technique involves four steps:

1) Choose a topic that you want to learn and write it down.

2) Pretend that you are teaching the topic to someone who has no prior knowledge of it. Write down everything you know in simple language, using examples and analogies.

3) Review what you have written and identify the gaps in your knowledge. Look for the parts that are unclear, incomplete, or inaccurate. Find the answers by doing more research or asking an expert.

4) Simplify and organize your notes until you have a concise summary.


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By using Feynman technique, you can improve your ability to learn and retain information. With its simple yet effective approach, this technique can help you study better and achieve your academic goals.

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The 4 Steps of the Feynman Technique

The 4 Steps of the Feynman Technique

  1. Choose the idea or concept to learn about. Write the concept as a heading on a blank piece of paper or notebook page, then write down everything you already know.
  2. Imagine that you have to teach the concept to a new student. In your own words, expl...

Four Steps Of The Feynman Technique

Four Steps Of The Feynman Technique

The technique is based on the method Richard Feynman originally used.

There are four steps to the Feynman Technique:

  1. Pretend to teach a concept you want to learn about to a child.
  2. Identify gaps in your explanation. Fill the gaps by g...

How the Feynman technique works

1. Identify the subject. Write down everything you know about the topic. Each time you run into new sources of information, add them to the note.

2. Teach it to a child. Write plain and simple so even a child can understand what you're talking about.

3. Identify your knowled...

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