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Feynman Method helps to...

  • Understand the topic deeply by breaking it down into simple terms and concepts.
  • Remember the topic better by creating your own mental model and associations.
  • Apply the topic effectively by testing your knowledge and finding practical examples.


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By using Feynman technique, you can improve your ability to learn and retain information. With its simple yet effective approach, this technique can help you study better and achieve your academic goals.

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Getting to a deeper understanding of a subject

Getting to a deeper understanding of a subject

  • Understanding the basics. This is a key element of effective thinking. Understanding a simple idea deeply builds a solid foundation for complex ideas.
  • Build your foundation. Be honest with what you really know by using the Feynman Technique (by tea...

How the Feynman technique works

1. Identify the subject. Write down everything you know about the topic. Each time you run into new sources of information, add them to the note.

2. Teach it to a child. Write plain and simple so even a child can understand what you're talking about.

3. Identify your knowled...

The SEE-I method for explaining ideas

The SEE-I method for explaining ideas

We often find that we understand a topic but can't explain it to anyone. A simple method you could use to better understand and clearly communicate a concept is called SEE-I.

  • State it: Clearly state the idea in a single sentence or ...

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