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What if you don't follow the 3 keys?

What if you don't follow the 3 keys?

  • If you are consistent, you will always produce something. But does it matter if nobody wants to see it?
  • If you learn from your failures, you will improve your craft. But will anybody follow you for one piece of work a year ? Someone might, but nobody likes inconsistent people.
  • While if you only replicate successes, you limit your reach and never evolve. People will get bored , and you will eventually lose your audience.


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Passionate about self-improvement, personal growth, finance, and creativity. I love to inspire people to become the better version of themselves. Author @ www.cosmopolitanmindset.com

I have always wondered if I could master any skill I wanted. In this post, I discussed the 3 keys of mastering any skill that I stole from experts in their field.

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