2 – Reach your goal consistently. - Deepstash
2 – Reach your goal consistently.

2 – Reach your goal consistently.

  • Give your goal undivided attention. Have you ever tried to study with the TV on? You can’t. So, reduce distractions to the minimum.
  • Work with great effort. You should know the task will be challenging from the start. So give everything you have because it could make the difference between success and failure.
  • Start with nobody watching. I used to practice my critical tasks publicly because I thought it could help me. But public practice adds up to the stress and makes you nervous. Plus, it can distract you easier. So don’t start with it if you are not ready yet.


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I have always wondered if I could master any skill I wanted. In this post, I discussed the 3 keys of mastering any skill that I stole from experts in their field.

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