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Single Handling

  1. To single handle a task, you are required to work only on that task.
  2. Focus on only one thing at a time.


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1.b. Staying Present: Single-Tasking

Single-Tasking: In a world that often praises multitasking, Sterner champions the opposite. Focusing on one task at a time not only improves the quality of work but also anchors you in the present moment, making it easier to maintain mindfulness.

Single Task

Switching between tasks can have damaging costs to our work and productivity.

Develop the habit of single-tasking by forcing your brain to concentrate on one task and one task only. Put your phone away, close all the browser windows and apps that you don’t need. Immerse yourself in t...

Pick a single thing to focus on

When you're really struggling to get anything done, you should try this method, even if temporarily.

When you look at your task list, pick a single thing to focus on that day. It could be one big task you really want to get done, or it could be a theme that relates to several of your tasks....

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