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How To Look

How To Look

  • Most of us are looking at the wrong places and at the wrong things. Our attention is on what is happening on the foreground.
  • Stop listening to what people say, and pay attention to how they organise themselves in space and in time.
  • With these building blocks of observation as your guide, you can pull the scrim off your everyday life.
  • The routine of meetings, daily check-ins or your relationships at home with family are wide open for your new observational approach.
  • Set out not to make up your mind, but to watch and listen.


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Profound and grounding. Very interesting read that gives me a sense of groundedness. I am reminded to observe neutrally and on the importance of insight as part of our natural instinct to act on something, instead of being driven by fleeting emotions in the name of creativity. Love how this read makes me feel balanced somehow. Insightful indeed.

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