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12. Make Consistency Easier

Make a content calendar to help you stay consistent. Without it, creating content could burn you out and make you run out of ideas.

With a content calendar, you could create your posts and products by batch on a certain date and you will ideally have posts and products ready to go when you need them.


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Streamline Content Creation With Batchworking

  • Plan a Month of Content: map out the entire month on content.
  • Create All Visual Content. Write a list of everything you need from stock photos, custom graphics, videos, Reels, cover images, etc. Once you have the list, it’s time to start creating.

Consistency is Important

Consistency is Important

Pick one or two major task every day, and focus to complete it. Make a chain on Calendar (with red cross). True to yourself, Your work is not to break that Chain on Calendar. 

It will definitely help you to be consistent. Become 1% better every day.

You must keep your calendar or note...

Keep in Touch

While on our sabbatical, keep in touch with your workplace. Offer to help out with anything if they need you to. Make sure you stay visible. Arrange a hand-back-to meeting before you go.

You could even keep them up to date with your experiences while you're traveling.

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