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Tuning into Productivity with Binaural Beats

Tuning into Productivity with Binaural Beats

Amplify your focus during work hours with binaural beats. A secret tool employed by top remote professionals, these beats can be the key to unlocking unparalleled productivity and clarity.


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Elevate your remote work experience with these mindfulness practices. Discover a holistic approach to professional success from the comfort of your home.

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Research conclusions on binaural beats

  • The authors played binaural or monaural (normal) beats to 16 participants, and recorded their brain activity with EEG.
  • They found both beats can entrain the brain to their particular frequency, but participants described no significant effect on their mood changes.
  • Howeve...

How binaural beats work

You can hear these beats best with a pair of good headphones. When each ear picks up a slightly different pitch, the brain tries to compensate and finds a frequency somewhere in the middle. This supposedly causes both hemispheres of the brain to harmonize their brainwaves...

Common Productivity Myths

  • Good multitaskers get more done. In reality, research shows people get more done if they focus on one task at a time.
  • Zero emails in your inbox at the end of your day is essential. Inbox zero does not work for everyone. Find a method that works bes...

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