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Meditative Breaks to Combat Stress

Meditative Breaks to Combat Stress

In today's fast-paced corporate environment, taking short meditative breaks can be your sanctuary. Just a few minutes of mindfulness can recharge your mental batteries and improve decision-making.


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The corporate world is ever-evolving. Stay at the forefront with these mindful practices that not only promise success but also ensure well-being.

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Take strategic breaks

Your energy levels will naturally decrease throughout the day, but you can recharge your batteries by taking breaks.

  • High performers work for fifty-two minutes, then take a seventeen-minute break.
  • Taking a five-minute walk every hour boost energy levels and sharpens focus, o...

7. Take breaks

7. Take breaks

Beyond the short breaks that the Pomodoro technique advocates, why not take longer breaks to give yourself a true reward for a week of hard work? It could be taking the afternoon off once a week to spend more time with the family, or just a night to kick back with your favourite music. Eith...

Enhancing Brain Capital: Short Breaks

Your brain needs rest just like your body does. Scientists have discovered that taking short breaks helps your brain learn new skills.

Microbreaks of five or 10 minutes give the brain a much-needed rest during work hours and helps you recharge and reset. It’s important that workers are all...

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