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Luck & Risk

Luck & Risk

Don't blame yourself if something goes wrong in life even if you try everything is possible.

Outcomes depend on another factor than individual effort.


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"The Psychology of Money" offers valuable insights into how emotions and behaviors influence financial decisions, providing practical wisdom for lifelong financial success.

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Luck & Risk

Luck & Risk

Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems. Every outcome in life is guided by forces other than individual effort. Bill Gates had a competitive advantage over millions of other students because he attended one of the only high schools in the world that had the cash and foresig...

Start With Something Positive

Start With Something Positive

When telling someone he's wrong, don't be too direct with your approach:

Before jumping right in with something like, “This is really wrong!”, try saying, “It’s evident that you put a ton of time and effort into this project, and it looks great!

The“fantasy self”

One mistake people make when starting a hobby is picking something aspirational rather than something they enjoy. When you pick a hobby, stay true to what you enjoy. If you like cooking, try to take your current skills up a notch. If you like writing, try a fiction workshop.

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