10. Giving Back and Serving Others: - Deepstash
10. Giving Back and Serving Others:

10. Giving Back and Serving Others:

True success involves making a positive impact on others. Find ways to contribute to society and help others succeed. By serving others, you create a ripple effect of positivity and attract success into your own life.


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"The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill is a classic self-help book that provides valuable lessons and principles for achieving success in various aspects of life.

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Getting the best out of givers

Givers can be categorised into groups. None of these behaviours is necessary for generosity.

  • Some are hesitant to advocate for their own interests.
  • Some are willing to drop everything to help anyone at any time

Seven Habits Of Highly Productive Giving

  1. Prioritize your help requests, saying no to many unnecessary ones.
  2. Try to give in ways that preserve your energy and provides great value, while related to your core competencies.
  3. Manage the ‘giving’ load and refer to others what can’t be done by you, and try not to reinfo...

The Intrinsic Value of Self-Discovery

The Intrinsic Value of Self-Discovery

Key concepts: internal success, true purpose, self-exploration, personal growth, passion, values, aspirations, fulfillment, meaningful contribution.

Note: Success is often defined by external achievements, but it is our own journey of self-discovery that u...

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