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Tip #4: Be Your Own Best Friend

When we are low in self-esteem, this self-hate just takes us even lower. Be your own best friend. Talk to yourself the way you would to your very best friend.


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Tip #17: Never Mind the Weather

We can not change the weather. Don't allow yourself to become victimized by something that you can not change. This is a classic case of self-victimization.


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Tip #33: Start Some Physical Exercise

Regular exercise is a great self-esteem booster and is probably one of the easiest ways to gain confidence in our bodies and our abilities.


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Tip #46: Make an Appreciation List

No matter how depressed you feel, there will always be something that you can appreciate. Do and look for it! Find it!


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Tip #51: Start Today to Make Your Dreams Come True

Reach for the stars, take a risk, be courageous and act. Your self-esteem will rise in direct proportion to the personal risks that you are prepared to take.


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Tip #52: Create Success for Yourself

We often use our imagination in a negative way to support negative beliefs about ourselves.


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Tip #56: Step into a Bubble

You are feeling totally protected. You know that nothing and no one can harm you when you are inside your beautiful bubble.


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Tip #58: Make a List of Positive Affirmations

If we are low it feels impossible to believe that we really are special, worthy, and lovable. But of course it is always true.


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Self-Esteem: Vital Ingredient for Success and Happiness

Self-esteem is the vital ingredient for success and happiness in our lives. When we lose it, our self-belief disappears and everything starts to go wrong.


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Tip #7: Stop Being a Victim

Do you ever feel you are being taken for granted by people? This might be because you are doing things that you really don't want to but you just can't say 'no'.

You are not a victim with a low self-esteem unless you are choosing to be one.


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Tip #57: Be Assertive

We teach people they way we want them to treat us. This means that if people are using you as a doormat, then this is because you have let them do so.


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Tip #37: Create Something

It's amazing how quickly our interest in life can be recaptured when we encourage ourselves to be creative.


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Tip #49: Let Go of Your Suppressed Feelings

Hidden feelings don't go away, they have to be hidden somewhere. We hide them inside ourselves and they cause us pain and misery and low self-esteem.


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Tip #50: Go on Holiday

You really can "get away from it all" and come back feeling refreshed without anyone ever knowing that you left.


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Tip #53: Teach Your Children Well

We can encourage and empower our children by supporting them in a positive way.


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Tip #48: Focus on Your Strengths

Negativity breeds depression and low energy levels. Positivity brings interest, motivation, and the power to make changes.


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Tip #47: Learn to Be

Excessive 'doing' can lead us to feel that we are running around a hamster's wheel and that we can not get off.


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Tip #6: Look Forward and Not Back

We can all look back and regret our actions but we can not change the past.

  • Stop blaming yourself.
  • Let go of the past.
  • Look forward towards a positive future.


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Tip #55: Do the "You Can't Make Me" Swing

When we are low in self-esteem, we are inclined to take  ourselves for too seriously.


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Tip #2: Change a Poor Self-Image

Poor self-image means low self-esteem. Start to appreciate something about your appearance. Begin to admire an aspect of your appearance and you will gradually learn how to appreciate other things about yourself.


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Tip #8: Throw Out Your Old Clothes

Our clothes can be so much part of our image. Living in the past is not good for your own feelings of self-respect and self-worth.

Clear out your closet and your mind of the old memories that hold you back.


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Tip #3: Stay Away from Grumpy People

Protect your positive feelings and self-esteem and stay away from grumpy people.


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Tip #9: Take Some Time Just for Yourself

Do you ever find that you just don't seem to have any time for yourself? Do something just for yourself.


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Tip #28: Replace the Word 'Problem' with the Word Challenge

Instead of saying, "I've got a problem." Say, "How can I face this challenge?"


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Tip #59: Break a Habit

Remember that you can change your life and you can create self-esteem, however impossible this may seem to you at the moment.


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Tip #10: Do What You've Got to Do

Think of something that you need to do but you keep putting off for some reason. Make a list of these jobs. Now choose one thing on the list and do it!

When we know that we have things to do but keep finding excuses not to do them, we begin to lose our ...


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Tip #60: Congratulate Yourself

Never doubt that you are progressing in your quest for self-esteem and know that all the love and support you need will always be with you.


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Tip #24: get in Touch with Nature

Many of us live a fast-paced lifestyle surrounded by the gadgets of modern technology. Take time to appreciate the wonders of nature.


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Tip #11: Make an Assertive Phone Call

  • If you feel ill at ease using the phone or you have a particularly difficult call to make, do it standing up.
  • Smile into the phone.


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Tip #12: Eat Well for a Day

If we eat things that unsuitable for us, we will not feel our best. Eating sensibly for a day is a great way to boost your self-esteem.


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Tip #18: Take a Risk

What is it that you would like to do to change your life in some way? What are the risks involved?


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Tip #21: Associate with Successful People

Many people with low confidence levels actually feel threatened by people who appear to be successful and so choose to spend time with people who are in an even worse situation than themselves. 

Success attracts success, just as negativity attracts negativity.


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Tip #13: Ask Yourself 'Does it Really Matter?'

Very often we allow ourselves to become worked up about something that really doesn't matter.


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Tip #22: Draw Your Line in the Sand

Sometimes it can be very hard to decide whether your needs come before or after the needs of someone else.


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Tip #25: Manage Your Time

Your desire to make the best use of your time depends upon how much you value it.


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Tip #29: Listen for a Day

Spend a day listening to everyone you meet rather than talking to them.


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Tip #30: Ground Yourself

We are creatures of the earth, and that is where our roots lie. Sometimes we forget our true beginnings and then we become nervous, stressed, and afraid.


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Tip #31: Make Something Happen

Why can one person create new directions for her/himself whilst another always seems to be the victim of circumstances?


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Tip #34: Forgive Someone

The state of forgiveness increases self-esteem.

Forgiveness doesn't mean that we think that it's OK for anybody to do anything to us. Forgiveness is all about letting go.


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Tip #54: Remember That You are Unique

You are unique. There never has and there never will be another person on the planet who is just like you. This makes you original and special.


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Tip #1: Say Positive Things about Yourself

If people speak negatively about themselves and are continually bringing themselves down, it doesn't take long before we are agreeing with them. When we bring ourselves down, our self-esteem falls lower and lower. Instead, when you say positive things about yourself, you increase...


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Tip #32: Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror, look deeply into your own eyes and tell yourself how much you love and value yourself.


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Tip #26: Give Yourself Some 'Feeling Checks'

Our feelings are important but sometimes we deny them because we are afraid of what people might think of us. You may be in a close relationship with someone who has denied their feelings for so long that they don't even know what they are feeling any more.


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Tip #20: Stop Blaming Yourself

  • If you feel that you have behaved badly or made a serious mistake, then apologize and try to put the situation right.
  • When you have done the best you can, that is indeed the best you can do.


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Tip #35: Expect the Best

A negative attitude attracts negative people and events into your life. Expect the worst and it will happen; you will 'prove' your expectations to be true.

Positivity attracts positivity. Expect the best and it will happen.


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Tip #38: Be True to Yourself

Perhaps we are finding it difficult to accept the truth and so we deny it. Be true to yourself always.


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Tip #41: Speak Well of Others

When we speak badly about other people, we change the way that we feel abour ourselves.


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Tip #36: Breathe Deeply

"The Basic Breathe" will help you to increase your composure, whatever your situation. If you can reduce your breaths to eight a minute or less, this will automatically increase your feelings of self-respect and self-control.


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Tip #43: Let Go of Guilt

Remember that if you are allowing yourself to feel guilt, you will be low in self-esteem.


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Tip #44: Balance Yourself

We are built for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual activity. Creativity and high self-esteem depend upon the balance of these activities.


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Tip #45: Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition gives you important information and speaks to you through urges, feelings, and flashes of insight.


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Tip #15: Say What You Mean

We can only get what we want if we ask for what we want. Start saying exactly what you mean and asking for what you want, instead of just giving an ambiguous code.


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Tip #42: Say 'No' When You Want to

'No' is such a small word, but it seems to be one of the hardest words for us to use. Practice saying 'no'. Whenever you are feeling victimized, you are in low self-esteem and you need to say 'no' to somebody.


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Tip #16: Smile and the World Smiles with You

Take your smile for a walk, practice it in the presence of others. The effect can be quite dramatic.


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Tip #40: Write Your Action Plan

Choose a relatively short-term goal, write an action plan which will describe how you are to attain your goal, and then activate your plan. Action plans for the short term lead to self-confidence and self-esteem to plan for more ambitious and far-reaching goals.


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Tip #19: Tell Someone How Much You Appreciate Them

Who do you appreciate in your life? Have you told them? If not, then tell them.


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Tip #23: Look for a New Experience

Looking for something new encourages our natural curiosity, inquisitiveness, and interest.


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Tip #5: Change Your Negative Self-Beliefs

We are so self-critical, we treat ourselves badly and can find so many things 'wrong' ourselves.

  • Change our negative beliefs about ourselves by training our minds to believe positive things instead.
  • Make a positive affirmation for yourself.


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Tip #39: Watch Your Body Language

Our body language reflects what we are feeling. If we look more assertive, we feel more assertive and others will respond to our new feelings of self-respect.


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Tip #27: Scream Your Head Off

The person you finally scream at has usually had absolutely nothing to do with the small stress-inducing items that have built up to create your volcano of anger.

Let go of stress as quickly as you can.


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Tip #14: Clear Your Mind

We are more tan our minds. We are mind, body, and spirit. We can only really feel at peace when we are contacting the spiritual part of our nature.


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interested in psychology, philosophy, and literary📚 | INTP-T & nyctophile | welcome to Irza Fidah's place of safe haven~! hope you enjoy my curations and stashes^^.

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