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Principles From Movies

Principles From Movies

'The Killer' provides some principles regarding executing a task. These principles resonates in the movie. Let's discuss the four principles that resonated in the entire film.The Killer Movie


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In planning and execution, there are unforeseeable events that can tempt anyone to deviate from their original idea. But principles help us to maintain our ground and continue in our task until completion because of our recognized values in ourselves.

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Crying during a movie

During a movie, crying is particularly helpful because you're connecting to some emotion on the screen without actually going through it in real life.

For example, if there is a death in a movie and it resonates with us, it may help us reconnect with our grief.

Apocalyptic movies

Apocalyptic movies

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Using The First Principles Thinking

The First Principles Thinking can be applied in our daily life:

  • Starting a business requires first principles thinking to build a fundamentally better product or service.
  • On a busy day, first principles thinking makes us do what's essential while not being bogged d...

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