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The Age of Hip-Hop: From the streets to cultural dominance

The Age of Hip-Hop: From the streets to cultural dominance

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The Rise Of Hip-Hop

The Rise Of Hip-Hop

For four decades, the Hip-hop music genre has been steadily solidifying its position and has shaped music and cultures worldwide for quite a while.

In the year 1988, NWA was a label with newcomers (like Dr. Dre), that was despised by the entertainment industry due to its vicious lyrics which were mostly misunderstood. Little did everyone know that this was the new punk rock, set to explode in the coming decades.

Fashion And Hip-Hop

Fashion And Hip-Hop

  • Fashion has been increasingly shaped by Hip-Hop and rap artists, since the 1970s.
  • Will Smith was, for those who don't know, a very colorful 'Fresh Prince in the 80s.
  • In the 90s, stars like Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa put their fashion styles on display.
  • Kanye West gave competition to big brands with his clothing and accessories line up, Yeezy.
  • Many hip-hop stars also endorsed fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Dior Homme.

TV Sitcoms, Award Shows And Concerts

TV Sitcoms, Award Shows And Concerts

The Hip-Hop scene, once an outlier, became the status quo with many artists taking over television shows, cable, and network series, apart from hosting shows, and winning prestigious television awards.

Hip-Hop is extremely big in the festival circuits too, with stars having the hip-hop attitude providing a rock-star like energy to big concerts, something which is way more appealing than a DJ churning out EDM tunes.

Jail Depression Drugs Violence

Jail Depression Drugs Violence

Many artists including Jay-Z and Logic have gone deep into their battles with drug addiction and depression, along with being honest about their suicidal tendencies. Logic even had a song named after the Suicide Prevention Helpline number, resulting in call traffic to the helpline increasing by 50%.

Some artists also sing about the gun violence they witnessed, which led to traumatic experiences in their formative years. Cases of domestic violence like with rapper Onfroy prove that even jail time does not hit your rap career.

Taking Over The World

  • Artists like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar have been extremely influential and now have been recognized by being nominated for and winning in multiple categories in the 2018 Grammy Awards, including "record of the year".

  • Tyler, another Grammy-nominated rapper, is only 26 years old and has an animated sitcom, his own pair of sneakers in the market, and is planning to expand into furniture and film.

  • The Stereotypes, once on the verge of bankruptcy, were later nominated for Producer of the Year among other Grammys.

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