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5. Letter Spacing

5. Letter Spacing

  • It is the amount of space between individual letters.
  • Too much letter spacing can't make text look spaced out.
  • While too little letter spacing can make text look crowded.


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A New Way To Study

Studying takes too much time, and there is only a limited number of hours. Spaced repetition method uses time intervals and makes you recall more information, using less time.

The spacing effect maximizes learning and your study becomes more efficient and consumes less time.

Good For The Eyes

Good For The Eyes

When a person first looks at something you have written it should be something that looks inviting to read.

This means wide margins, a certain amount of white space, double spacing between paragraphs, short words, short sentences, short paragraphs and an attractive, inviting layout.

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A resignation letter should be short and unemotional. It is not the place to mention your frustrations or disappointments.

Your letter should be two to three sentences at most. It should indicate today's date, then confirm your decision to resign and when your last day of wor...

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