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There Is Always A Reason Of Some Actions

There Is Always A Reason Of Some Actions

Whenever something happens or any person does anything good or bad you should not judge them in a instinct first find out the reason why.


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I read this book and it was extremely helpful for me and it really boosted my confidence and mind and I have tried to share some points from the book but I suggest you to read the book it is excellent in many ways

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The Blame Instinct

The Blame Instinct

The blame instinct describes our tendency to find a clear, simple reason for why something bad has happened.

  • To control the blame instinct, resist finding a scapegoat. Look for causes, not villains. Accept that bad things can happen without anyone inte...

A Deeper Reason Of Working

The first and foremost step is to find a deep reason to do our work, which has to be beyond financial and obligatory reasons. If we don’t have a deep reason to work, it will feel meaningless and stressful for us. A deeper ‘why’ of our work provides us with inspiration and makes even challengi...

Nothing's Good Or Bad.

Nothing's Good Or Bad.

Nothing that happens is completely good or bad. If you pay a closer look to it you'll find an advantage even in the things you see as bad.

  • Develop the habit to see what happens around you as events, circumstances, cause...

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