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How to Use ChatGPT Effectively

How to Use ChatGPT Effectively

Discover the endless possibilities of ChatGPT by asking it questions and getting more information about any topic. 💡

  • Writing a blog post? Ask for more information.
  • Writing an abstract for your paper? Ask for specific questions about info not found in the paper.
  • Need advice about a complex interpersonal issue? Use the question prompt to help you work through it.


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“Before you start, please ask me any questions you have about this so I can give you more context. Be extremely comprehensive.”



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Reflection on ChatGPT's Limitations

Reflection on ChatGPT's Limitations

After reflecting on my brother's experience with ChatGPT, I realized that its ability to thrive on information is also its biggest weakness: it struggles with inference. Despite my past success with GPT, I still encountered difficulties. This led me to realize that ChatGP...


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The Cure for Awareness

The Cure for Awareness

I discovered a simple phrase that could significantly improve ChatGPT's output - even for complex requests. Just add a single line and watch as ChatGPT weaves more intelligent, compact, and accurate writing.

ChatGPT is aware of its limits, b...


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ChatGPT Questions

ChatGPT Questions

After using this prompt, ChatGPT will ask 10-15 insightful questions about information that you forgot to provide. In your next prompt, simply list the numbers of the questions and answer them in sequence.

Now that it has all the necessary i...


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The most effective ChatGPT prompt.

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