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What is Meditation

Meditation is a technique for achieving mental and physical tranquility. It provides an escape from stress by focusing on the present moment in a non-judgmental way. Engaging in mindfulness and meditation enhances self-awareness, teaching you to observe your surroundings and emotions calmly, without being overwhelmed by them.


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Find a Quiet Place

Seek a calm environment where you can meditate without interruptions, ensuring a space free from external noises. Turning off loud devices is advisable. However, complete silence isn't necessary, so there's no need for earplugs in your meditation area.


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Take a Comfortable Position

Choose a comfortable position without overthinking your posture, attire, or seating. Sitting cross-legged is optional; a chair, cushion, or couch will suffice. The key is to maintain a straight but relaxed back. Commit to dedicating your chosen meditation time fully, whet...


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Set a Timer

Using a timer or meditation app ensures you don't have to constantly check your watch, avoiding distractions. Begin with short sessions of 2–5 minutes to ease into the practice and encourage the formation of a long-term habit.

Starting smal...


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Focus on Breath

Focus on your breath's journey: entering through your nostrils, moving down your throat, filling your lungs and belly. Notice each inhalation and exhalation. You may keep your eyes gently focused on the ground or close them to enhance concentration.


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Learn More About Meditation for Beginners

Read the original article "How to Meditate for Beginners: Quick Guide with Tips": https://productive.fish/blog/how-to-meditate-for-beginners/


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How to Meditate

Meditation is a great tool that is available to everyone. That's why we want to share the basic steps of mindfulness meditation for beginners.


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Productivity fan. Nature lover

Meditation is not just a mindfulness trend that everyone is talking about. It's a practice that will help you to put your thoughts in order and learn to control your emotions and body. And since this tool is free and available to you right now, why not give it a try?

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