The 3 Rules o11f Better Breaks

  • A good break must energize rather than drain you after it's over (this is different from energizing you during the break.)
  • It must have a clearly predefined endpoint.
  • It must exclude external negativity and randomness.
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  • 68% of people ‘break’ by using social media or streaming video (Netflix, YouTube, etc.)And they are making a huge mistake because of psychological phenomena known as vigilance decrement.
  • Vigilance decrement is a slowing in reaction times or an increase in error rates due to high cognitive resource demands like hard work or sustained focus.
Bad Breaks

A "Bad Break" creates a self-perpetuating cycle of stress, fatigue, and low performance. It makes the vigilance decrement flow work against you.

Better Breaks

A "Better Break" actually recharges you and allows you to focus once again. It makes the vigilance decrement flow work for you.

  1. Read for 15 to 30 Minutes.
  2. Exercise for 30 to 60 Minutes.
  3. Get outside for 30 Minutes.
  4. Socialize with a gregarious friend for 15 to 30 Minutes.
  5. Do nothing for 30 Minutes.

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Micro-breaks are quick impromptu breaks that workers take in order to keep our energy levels steady in order to get through the day.

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Time Management



The Daily Breaks We Need
  • In a given day, time is fairly distributed to everyone, but energy is more of our own domain and fluctuates during the day.
  • Better exercise provides us with more energy levels, resulting in better productivity.
  • Taking breaks or doing some varied activity can enhance our energy levels, and there are three kinds of breaks that our mind and body needs to replenish and nourish itself.

While working in fast food restaurant , we got three breaks in eight hours shift: 2 15 min smoking break and a 30 min lunch break.

And taking break during daily activities proven to increase energy levels, and highly likely to improve mood.

And people are happiest when exercising, socializing and engaging in spiritual activities.

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