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How To Take Better Breaks To Boost Your Productivity

How To Take Better Breaks To Boost Your Productivity

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Vigilance decrement

  • 68% of people ‘break’ by using social media or streaming video (Netflix, YouTube, etc.)And they are making a huge mistake because of psychological phenomena known as vigilance decrement.
  • Vigilance decrement is a slowing in reaction times or an increase in error rates due to high cognitive resource demands like hard work or sustained focus.


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Bad Breaks

Bad Breaks

A "Bad Break" creates a self-perpetuating cycle of stress, fatigue, and low performance. It makes the vigilance decrement flow work against you.


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Better Breaks

Better Breaks

A "Better Break" actually recharges you and allows you to focus once again. It makes the vigilance decrement flow work for you.


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The 3 Rules o11f Better Breaks

  • A good break must energize rather than drain you after it's over (this is different from energizing you during the break.)
  • It must have a clearly predefined endpoint.
  • It must exclude external negativity and randomness.


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5 Better Breaks to try today

  1. Read for 15 to 30 Minutes.
  2. Exercise for 30 to 60 Minutes.
  3. Get outside for 30 Minutes.
  4. Socialize with a gregarious friend for 15 to 30 Minutes.
  5. Do nothing for 30 Minutes.


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