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#2. Construct High-Value Skill

#2. Construct High-Value Skill

  • When we have a high-value skill, we learn to value ourselves and we don't let other people dictate our value.
  • A lot of time we don't feel confident because we feel we don't have something to offer.
  • Each and everyone has a genius and potential but we have to turn that potential into expertise by practice.
  • Focus on Learning and mastery


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#7. Competent Preparations

#7. Competent Preparations

  • Confident people are confident because they are competently prepared.
  • If you are confident it's not just your sense of self-belief, it's not just because you act it. It's because you've Practiced + Prepared + Worked.


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#1. Conquer Your Past

#1. Conquer Your Past

  • Often our insecurities and anxiety come from not where we are now but what we've been through before.
  • We think what we went through is something we deserve or it defines us what we are today.
  • Confident...


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#4. Compassion

#4. Compassion

  • When you are compassionate towards yourself, you are giving yourself a break for not knowing everything or getting right all the time.
  • It's not about being perfect, Confidence shows that you are okay with being wrong, okay with not kn...


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#3. Constantly Learn

#3. Constantly Learn

  • Constant learning can give you a sense of achievement, a sense of momentum, a sense of drive, and a feeling that you are moving forward and toward something.
  • You'll have something to share in every conversation.


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Activity To Do

Activity To Do

You can write about these things that you've gained from your parents and their Parenting:

  1. Gifts from your parents
  2. Skills
  3. Qualities
  4. Abili...


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#6. Certainity

#6. Certainity

  • A lot of time we don't feel confident because we are constantly seeking Validation from others.
  • We always ask ourselves, what will people say, how will they react, and what will they think about what I feel.


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#5. Calm Responses

#5. Calm Responses

  • Confidence doesn't come from Reacting fast but from Responding slowly.
  •  Sometimes the person who speaks the least, their opinion matters the most. Because they are not saying a lot but they are listen...


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An ordinary boy who is indiscriminately passionate about many things, develops the frontend of websites, a graphics designer, a bibliophile, Loves to learn and grow, and write. | In search of infinity!

In this post, I've compiled this awesome video by Jay who talks about the 7 ways by which we can be more confident. Please give it a read, I believe you'll love these.

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