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Predictive Power Surge

Predictive Power Surge

These advancements led to AI systems developing unexpected abilities, like humor and strategic thinking, merely by processing vast amounts of internet data.


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A deep thinker and a big enthusiast of technology.

Explore the turning point in Joe Rogan's perspective on AI, where a significant advancement in 2017 transformed his view, highlighting the unpredictable and rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its implications for the future.

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Focus on hiring and supporting diverse talent.

Too often when organizations seek to hire talent in the AI space, they assume they should focus on a couple of schools. In our experience, robust, secure, scalable, and human-centred AI systems are ones that incorporate varied perspectives and data. AI systems learn from examples, so it helps to ...

Establishing Ethical Guidelines for Transparent AI Development

Establishing Ethical Guidelines for Transparent AI Development

To address this, there's a pressing need to establish clear guidelines and standards for AI development. These guidelines should encompass not only the technical aspects of AI but also ethical considerations.

Creating a transparent framework that outlines the development process, data sour...

The Global Neuronal Workspace (GNW)

  • GNW argues that consciousness arises from a specific type of information processing, known from the beginnings of AI, when specialized programs would access a small, shared repository of information.
  • According to GNW, consciousness is when incoming sensory information is broadcast ...

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