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The Golden Section

The Golden Section

You can choose working hard in a healthy way for the goals that really matter to you (your purpose). Instrumentalising a slight but not painful discomfort for your self-growth, might lead to a personal greater gain success.


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Ask yourself?

Ask yourself?

Is it

  • No Pain, No Gain!

or is it?

  • No Love, No Gain!


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Doesn't rhyme and sounds weird, right?

... but people who always say yes to hard work, tend to underestimate their need of being loved the way they are and their need of self-love.

Does working painfully hard for your goals gain as much as working for what you really love?


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Can you convince yourself that?

A body, a mind, a heart, a soul in pain can't gain what

a body, a mind, a heart, a soul can gain in love.


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How do you choose to see yourself?

How do you choose to see yourself?

What would the person in your mirror need to do different?


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What could you potentially 'gain'?

What could you gain when you are more compassionate with yourself, instead of using pain as the only self-growth-measure?


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Anecdote – Math

Anecdote – Math

Your math teacher gave you three types of tasks

  1. Simple tasks
  2. Slightly hard tasks
  3. Impossible to solve tasks

Which of these task types increased your gain in math skills the most?


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Sprint vs. Endurance in long distance

We don't have to be ultra marathon runner to understand that if we make one tiny step forward every day, that longterm we come further than someone running as fast as possible every day.

Biologically humans are made for endurance, for consistency. Not those with the biggest motivation win t...


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What stops you from starting today?

What is the tiniest step to befriend the person in the mirror?

Into the mirror ...

  • Hi, I'm happy to see you. Thank you for bringing me so far in life!


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Anecdote – Muscle Growth

Anecdote – Muscle Growth

There are at least these three types of people doing Fitness

  1. Those chilling more on the phone & in the mirror than training
  2. Those training just hard enough but with peak technique
  3. Those training very hard with the motto the more the better and hit overtraining and injur...


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Just a curious forever-child appreciating to question taken for granted things constructively.

The following ideas should question this common believed conviction with critical questions, which only you have the answers for. At the end, you choose how you see yourself.

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