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How to Improve the Excitement

How to Improve the Excitement

When I’m excited about something, waiting always boosts that experience. And I learned to use this mental trick in my everyday life.

  • I always wait before starting any new project to understand if the initial excitement remains.
  • I wait before any experience to make it more enjoyable.
  • And I wait before buying anything expensive to be sure I need it.

Waiting has the power to increase excitement and reduce insecurities or reckless decisions. Learn to use it, and you will improve your productivity.


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1 – The Secret of The Zone

1 – The Secret of The Zone

You can’t always be motivated – that’s the first thing I learned in my experiments.

Motivation changes fast. You may be motivated but lose focus in five minutes. And you can’t build your life and plans around that.


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    How to Take a Break

    How to Take a Break

    I often check out my X profile and answer people when I take a break. But that’s not an effective break because it’s part of my job.

    Your free time helps you unload all the stress and negative emotions you get from your tasks. So, do...


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    How to Use Productive Waiting

    How to Use Productive Waiting

    Sometimes, you wait to get clarity and motivation. But other times, life forces you to wait. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

    When it happens, people take out their phones and give up on the scroll of doom. But if yo...


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    How to Increase Motivation Frequency

    How to Increase Motivation Frequency

    When do you feel motivated?

    What triggers that feeling?

    And what stops it?

    I started with these questions when I tried to become more motivated...


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    When to Take a Break

    When to Take a Break

    I always used the Pareto Principle to take breaks:

    • 80% of work
    • and 20% of a break at the end.

    But don’t work for too much, keeping all the free time at the end. As a ...


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    Learn to control the three secrets of productivity:

    1. Use the zone to reach deep work and focus on your tasks.
    2. Use boredom to consume content and generate new ideas.



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    Before you Go

    Before you Go

    If you loved the newsletter and want to support my work, subscribe and share The Challenge with your friends and families!

    Or, if you want to read more of my content, visit the 


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    3 – The Secret of Break/Work Sessions

    3 – The Secret of Break/Work Sessions

    Nowadays, everybody focuses on productivity and goals. And that tendency can define the outcome of your success or failure.

    When I started my newsletter, I wrote ten issues without a break. But they all sucked. So, I had to start over and ta...


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    Beyond the Usual Self-Help Hype

    Beyond the Usual Self-Help Hype

    When I lost everything, I wanted to find a way to become more productive. I wanted to go beyond the usual self-help hype without giving up everything else.

    I wanted to find another self-improvement plan – a healthy o...


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    How to Increase Motivation Duration

    How to Increase Motivation Duration

    The duration increase is a mind trick you can use to feel motivated for longer, even if you are not. Start with a small, insignificant task, and your mind will do the trick.

    However, you must reach deep focus for at least a...


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    Healthy Productivity Results

    Healthy Productivity Results

    I wanted to find a new way to become more productive. And I succeeded.

    • I built a 1500+ subscribers newsletter in 8 months and a blog


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    The Secrets of Productivity (2)

    The Secrets of Productivity (2)

    Usually, people create strict systems and rules to limit all those variables and become more productive. But they rarely work because they don’t have experience in productivity.

    Nobody teaches us how to do our everyday tasks more eff...


    170 reads

    The Pains of Productivity

    The Pains of Productivity

    For most people, productivity comes with a price. But it shouldn’t be like that.

    When I started my online writing experiment three years ago, I gave up anything to become more productive.

    I st...


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    2 – The Secret of Waiting

    2 – The Secret of Waiting

    Boredom is an underrated feeling. Everybody hates it, but its mastery could change your life.

    I couldn’t control boredom and waiting. I lived for new stimuli to fill up my days. And when I didn’t find them, I felt lonely and bored.


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    The Challenge

    The Challenge

    You are reading an excerpt from The Challenge, a newsletter where I discuss self-improvement, goal-setting, habits, time management, and health tips and tricks.

    Every week, you will get the following:

    • a challenge to p...


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    The Secrets of Productivity (1)

    The Secrets of Productivity (1)

    Productivity is one of the first challenges you fight when you start with personal growth. So, five years ago, I tried my best. But productivity depends on too many variables.

    If you want to be productive, you have to keep ...


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