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1. Embracing the Benefits of Scatterfocus

  • While hyperfocus is vital, Bailey also emphasizes the importance of its counterpart, scatterfocus.
  • This state of mind allows our brains to wander, fostering creativity, making connections, and generating innovative ideas.


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Learning is best done by doing.

7 most important takeaways from Hyperfocus

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Allowing our minds to wander

Boredom triggers daydreaming, and that leads to creativity. In essence, boredom is not the state that is really good for the creative process. It's doing something familiar with a kind of diffused focus that allows your mind to wander.

  • Choreographer George Balanchine...

The Trinity Of Creativity

The Trinity Of Creativity

To enhance the creativity we already experience every day, we need to tap into three aspects of our brains:

  1. Memory: Try to remember past events, using the tools of notes and journals.
  2. Imagination: Make use of creative visualization, brainstormi...

Walking linked with creativity

The way we move our bodies changes the nature of our thoughts. When we stroll, the pace of our feet fluctuates with our moods. We can change the pace of our thoughts by deliberately walking faster or by slowing down.

While we walk, our attention is free to wander. Studies ...

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