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Predicate Dualism

Predicate Dualism

Argues that more than one predicate (how we describe the subject of a proposition) is required to make sense of the world, and that the psychological experiences we go through cannot be redescribed in terms of (or reduced to) physical predicates of natural languages.


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Storytelling is essential to living

Stories are the primary way through which we make sense of our world. We explain ideas by telling stories.

Even science uses storytelling when they use data of the physical world to explain phenomena that cannot be reduced to physical facts, or when they extend incomplete data to dra...

Metaphors are the most basic stories

"Metaphor" means "to transfer." Like stories, metaphors subconsciously encode complex ideas.

We find metaphors so gripping because we process them with sense or motor imagery in terms of those physical experiences. For instance, "I saw the light" or "I ran out of time....

Invest In Experiences

  • Even this may not sound like a practical thing to do, an intangible experience can often bring you joy for longer than a physical object.
  • Experiences are short-lived, but not in a psychological sense. They live on in our memories, they live on in the stories we recall and tell - th...

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