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If you like being a Physicist,

  • Put out content related to Physics
  • Teach what you learned as a Physicist
  • Document your journey as a Physicist
  • Fix problems that you faced on your journey
  • Sell those solutions, packaged as products to your already existing audience that’ll buy your product


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Writer | Content Creator | Physics Lover | Programmer | Muslim

It’s not impossible to earn a lot of money doing what you love. Thanks to the internet, earning money for anyone, has become way easier than it used to be.

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Copywriting Tips (2)

  • Be a painkiller, not a vitamin. Vitamins attempts to solve problems the customer isn’t experiencing yet, which is boring. Painkillers are solutions to highly urgent, very painful problems
  • Sell the result, the educate the customer on the process.

5. Launch a virtual summit

Are you already working with another brand on a webinar? Go the extra mile, work with more brands/influencers and create an entire event

Crowdsource expert content and turn it into a valuable resource for your target audience.  

  • Create a summit related to what you sell. 
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The Two Types of Thinking

The Two Types of Thinking

Comparison thinking: comes up with solutions based on pre-existing ideas. It is the way we normally think but it also limits the solutions to possible permutations of what already exists.

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