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Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion

Get obsessed with what you want to do in life. If you love Mathematics, become a Mathematician. It shouldn’t matter to you if it earns you a good living or not.

Whatever you do, do it the best way. You are paid for the service you give to the world. If you can provide solutions to the problems you love, you are qualified to earn money, a lot of it.

  • Pick any skill
  • Laser focus in on it
  • Devote 4 hours a day
  • Complete 10,000 hours to achieve Mastery


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The One Person Business

The One Person Business

  • do what you love
  • do it in public
  • gather an audience
  • monetize it
  • sell them a product

There are 8 billion+ people on this planet. At least 1,000 people have the exact same interests and conditions as you right now. 

Create the type of content you relate to. And since many people have same interests as you, they'll relate to your content and find it interesting.


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If you like being a Physicist,

  • Put out content related to Physics
  • Teach what you learned as a Physicist
  • Document your journey as a Physicist
  • Fix problems that you faced on your journey
  • Sell those solutions, packaged as products to your already existing audience that’ll buy your product


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The Steps to One Person Business

Start out with writing. Write on platforms like deepstash, medium and twitter.

Learn these evergreen skills:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Persuasive Writing ( copywriting )
  • Communication
  • Basic Graphic Designing

After you've gained enough experience with writing, simply convert your writings into YouTube videos that provide value. This business only requires a max of 2 hours a day.

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It’s not impossible to earn a lot of money doing what you love. Thanks to the internet, earning money for anyone, has become way easier than it used to be.

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