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1. Recharge and Refocus

Laziness can be a signal to slow down, recharge, and avoid burnout.

Stepping back from constant activity allows our minds and bodies to replenish, leading to renewed energy and focus when we return to tasks.


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Learning is best done by doing.

7 most important highlights from the book "The art of laziness"

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Try doing nothing

Try doing nothing

Reject the idea of busyness as a status symbol. Not taking time to slow down can cause burnout, anxiety disorders, and stress-related health issues.

Doing nothing can recharge us and make us more productive when we get back into it.

Doing nothing

Sometimes you can feel like you're always working against the clock, and rearranging plans and tasks to meet deadlines. When you do take time to relax, you feel guilty.

Taking breaks refreshes your mind and allows you to come back to your task with renewed energy and a sense of pur...

Remember to breathe

Remember to breathe

If we want to boost our courage in a particular situation, one of the most effective ways of doing this is to slow down our breathing. 

When we’re feeling fearful, our breathing unconsciously becomes faster and shallower. Taking a few deep breaths sends the signal to our minds that everythi...

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