Day 5 - Deepstash

Day 5

  1. Feeling sleepy - Naku nidra ustuda/ nidra ustundi
  2. What are you doing? - Em chesthunnav?
  3. Where are you? - Nuvvu ekkada unnava
  4. What you like? - Meeku em istam
  5. What you want? - Em kavali
  6. Where are you going? - Ekkada / Ekkadaki veltu


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In this post you will learn some phrase in Telugu.

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3. During the day, you find you’re often:

3. During the day, you find you’re often:

A. Grumpy and irritable
B. Worried about whether you’ll get any sleep in the next week
C. In a daze
D. Dealing with frequent sore throats
E. Feeling sleepy, even though you slept well

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